Health Access Pass Medicine in New York and New Jersey

Our Membership Medicine model provides exclusive healthcare you deserve.

Dr. Paley and Dr. Katz believe healthcare should be convenient and personal. Why? Because quality care leads to the best health outcomes.

From annual physicals to acute conditions, Our Care Team takes care of most if not all of your health issues. Membership Medicine is healthcare that puts you at the center.

It’s healthcare you can trust.

Exclusive Membership Medicine is the healthcare you deserve.

Sick Visits On Your Schedule

Get the answers, prescriptions, and labs you need while you’re sick, not a week after you’ve recovered.

Chronic Condition Managment

Our doctors help you manage pain and reduce chronic symptoms. If necessary, we connect you with local specialists.

Onsite Diagnostics

With advanced imaging and a state-of-the-art lab on-site, we expedite your path to treatment.

Select Surgical Care

We provide service related mild to moderate acute injuries such as cuts and sprains.

Discount Lab Testing

If your doctor orders labs, you can have them drawn on-site, not somewhere far across town.

Annual Wellness Visit

Be proactive about your health by performing annual wellness visits with a health team that knows and remembers you. Over time, your health data will paint a full picture of your wellness.

Expedited Access To Specialists

We provide access to the world’s best specialists — securing you an appointment in days instead of weeks.

All this and more for less than $1 per day.

Membership Medicine

The Access Medical Difference

Access medical is here for you on your schedule. We are able to provide the best in healthcare because we accept only a select number of patients.

In addition, we will expedite your path to treatment with award winning – Board Certified Internists who’ve seen it all, on-site diagnostics and the nation’s leading specialists and hospitals on speed dial.

Membership Medicine

Unlimited sick visits and convenient appointments

Access Medical offers straightforward Membership Medicine visits for every appointment, lab, and service. 

Have questions about your health? We take the time to listen and promise you won’t be rushed through your Membership Medicine appointment. There’s a reason New York and New Jersey trust us with their health.

Membership Plans

In order to ensure the highest standard of care,
we maintain a limited number of memberships.


Sign up for an individual membership plan to cover all of your medical needs. We also accept many insurance plans.


Keep your family healthy with a family Membership Medicine plan. Ask about family discounts


Take care of your best employees by offering them Membership Medicine memberships. Contact us about business plans.


The Access Medical experience goes above and
beyond your typical doctor’s visit.

Minimal Wait Times

Access Medical

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Typical Practices

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Convenient appointment times

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Portal Communication with Care Team

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Access to Health Progam

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Partners in Health Community Programs

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Personalized Health Protocols

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Care Navigation

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