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Frequently Asked Questions

The Access Health Pass Fee allows us to offer you innovative health tools and value-added services. The Annual Fee is paid to Access Health Members, LLC, the healthcare technology and management company affiliated with Access Health Associates, which brings health tools, education, partnerships, and enhanced services that Access Health Associates offers to its members.
Members who pay the Annual Fee also have access to time-saving services including online prescription renewal requests, video visit technology, and digital access to virtual medical services on the go.
The Annual Fee also covers costs associated with high-touch and value-added non-medical services including lifestyle and wellness offerings and value-added personal assistance services. The Annual Fee is not a covered benefit under most health insurance plans.
Payment of the Annual  Fee is not a prerequisite for receiving medical care at Access Health Members. To understand your options for accessing medical services with Access Health Associates without payment of the Annual Fee, click here.

Drs. Paley & Katz have decided to transition the practice into a membership-based model. This membership model allows the Drs. to focus on the needs of their patients and become their partner for all of their health and wellness needs. Patients that wish to, can subscribe to the membership for a monthly or annual fee. 

No one will be turned away due to financial limitations. Please contact us for more information to apply for a limited number of scholarships or click here to apply

Our goal is to make the program fee affordable for patients and their families, while providing longer appointments, increased access and more comprehensive care. In order for this new model of care to support the financial health of the practice we designed a membership program.

We offer several different payment options; our Membership Team can speak with you personally to find a solution that fits your needs. If you decide to leave the practice please download our exit package for a list of local providers accepting new patients and a copy of a medical records release so we may support you in smoothly transitioning your care. We also have a limited number of financial aid opportunities available, please click here to apply. 

Given the demand, it’s smart to sign up now. If, after a period of time, you decide the membership isn’t right for you, there will be a small cancellation fee to discontinue membership. We are asking for a minimum enrollment of 12 months of membership.

We offer two payment options: monthly or annually. You will not be charged until your membership begins. Membership fees are charged on the 1st of each month should you elect to pay monthly.

Access Health Doctors are committed to limiting the total size of the practice, so that patient members are able to enjoy the benefits of the membership.

Your provider will have on-call coverage with another Practitioner, so that if an urgent need arises, you’ll still get the care you need.

For Concierge Members, your provider will be on-call, so that if an urgent need arises, you’ll still get the care you need from your trusted provider.

You should check with your individual provider/ benefits administrator.

We will continue to accept all the insurance companies we currently work with. Every member will be required to sign a ABN recognizing that the services provided as a member are considered “non-covered” services under our payor contract.

You should check with your accountant/tax advisor

No! This is not a replacement for insurance. The Membership fee was designed to cover the services not typically covered by insurance companies. This allows Dr. Paley & Katz and Shana Koslowe, PA-C along with our care team to support you in creating health rather than only responding when you are sick.

Your specific provider will be handling your after-hours calls except when they are on vacation.

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