Access Medical - The Future of Primary Care in NY and NJ

Membership Medicine is a healthcare concept that refers to your long-term close collaboration with your Primary Care Provider to optimize all aspects of your health in an accessible, convenient and personal manner. 

From focused visits and interactions regarding your acute health concerns to your annual physicals focusing on chronic issues and health care maintenance, Drs Katz and Paley and Shana Koslowe, PA seek to take care of all of your health issues and/or direct you to our specialist collaborators or partnering hospitals. Membership medicine is a healthcare approach that puts you at the center while our team and partners serve as your medical home. 

Membership medicine is healthcare you can trust. We look forward to continuing to care for you as we have for the last twenty years.

Exclusive Membership Medicine is the healthcare you deserve.

Convenient Appointments

Get the answers, prescriptions, and labs you need while you’re sick, not a week after you’ve recovered.

Care Coordination

Our team helps you manage pain and reduce chronic symptoms. If necessary, we connect you with local specialists.

Onsite Diagnostics

With our on-site diagnostics we expedite your path to treatment.

Patient Portal

Get access to your medical records when you need them.

Expedited Access To Specialists

We provide access to the world’s best specialists — securing you an appointment in days instead of weeks.

All this and more for less than $1 per day.

The Access Medical Difference

Access medical is here for you on your schedule. We are able to provide the best in healthcare because we accept only a select number of patients.

In addition, we will expedite your path to treatment with award-winning – Board Certified Providers who’ve seen it all, on-site diagnostics, and the nation’s leading specialists and hospitals on speed dial.

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